Catherine Sikora

Catherine's solo debut 'Jersey' is available now on

Jersey was included in two best of 2016 lists: by Free Jazz Blog's Lee Rice Epstein and also by Tom Orange, Jazz Director of WCSB Cleveland.


With her fifth release as a leader, Sikora has produced her most mature and fully realized work yet. Her virtuosity and her ingenuity are in full view as she manages single handedly to thrill and engross through this intellectually provocative CD. The disc is a testament to the brilliance of Sikora's career.- Hrayr Attarian, All About Jazz, 4.5 stars

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As the album continues, the tempos and techniques used to express the spontaneous melodies vary, but the general pattern is set. Sikora has invited us into her musical world, and like the neighbor from Queens, it is our good fortune to be in its midsts. -Paul Acquaro, FreeJazzBlog, 4 stars

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Sikora resembles [Evan] Parker on tenor saxophone in that she has created a personal language in which she sublimates technique according to what she wants to achieve and maintains a discernible relationship to the free jazz tradition in her syntax; she recalls another English saxophonist, John Butcher, in her absolute control and deployment of overtones. Where she remains distinct from both Butcher and Parker is in how she incorporates such dissonance into a stream of delicate abstract lyricism. -John Sharpe, New York City Jazz Record


Saxophonist, improviser and composer Catherine Sikora was born and raised in West Cork, Ireland. Self taught to begin with, she moved to New York City to study and play with great improvisers.

Sikora works in a broad range of settings, from highly complex composed music, to folk songs, to free improvisation. She works regularly with Eric Mingus, Enrique Haneine, Brian Chase, Han-earl Park, Stanley Zappa, Christopher Culpo and Ross Hammond, as well as actively pursuing solo performance.

In the past few years Sikora has toured in Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia. She was a featured soloist in Eric Mingus’ radical reimagining of Tommy by the Who (Adelaide Festival 2015), and was artist in residence at the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris for the fall of 2014, working on a project inspired by stories from her female ancestors. Catherine's first solo album 'Jersey' was released on Relative Pitch Records in July 2016. 


Catherine is proud to play Bari reeds and a Soprano Planet mouthpiece.


February 14th, Duo with Brian Chase, RADIO WONDERLAND in Queens, NY at H0L0

February 17th Ibeam, Brooklyn, NYC, duos John Blum/ Brandon Lopez/ 

March 10th and 11th, Ireland, duo with Brian Chase: SPECTRUM festival


Oct. 21st 2pm - 8pm 

Sonic Vigil 

St. Peter’s Church 

North Main Street 

Cork City, Ireland

October 27th 21.00 - 22.30 

Vampyr Screening & Live Score

St Patrick’s Cathedral

Dublin, Ireland

November 1st 8:30pm 

Eris 136199

MS Stubnitz

Hamburg, Germany

November 2nd 8pm 

Eris 136199 


Copenhagen, Denmark

November 3rd 8:00pm

Eris 136199

Francis Close Hall

University of Gloucestershire

Cheltenham, England

November 4th time TBC

Eris 136199


Derby, England

November 5th 8:00pm

Eris 136199

The Bridge Hotel

Newcastle, England